The Kentucky Center for Instructional Discipline is proud to host the Kentucky PBIS Network (KYPBIS)

We work with schools across the Commonwealth to implement a positive, proactive and instructional approach to schoolwide discipline and behavior management. Our Center works collaboratively with the Kentucky Department of Education and other agencies to support PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) and a wide range of initiatives which contribute to safe and supportive learning environments. Learn more about PBIS and our efforts by checking out this website


Over 200 Kentucky schools have been recognized for achieving Fidelity of Implementation for the 2015-16 school year. Schools that implement PBIS with fidelity demonstrate the critical elements of the PBIS framework in their schoolwide systems and in their daily practices. Research shows when programs implemented with fidelity are compared to programs not implemented with fidelity, the difference in effectiveness is profound. Among other things, fidelity of PBIS implementation is associated with: 1) lower levels of Office Discipline Referrals and Out-of-School Suspension; 2) improved perceptions of the safety of school; and 3) increased proportion of 3rd graders who meet state reading standards.

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What is PBIS

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a multi-tiered, systems framework for establishing a positive learning environment in which all students can be successful. PBIS is rooted in evidence-based practices and data-based decision making.  All school staff implement a continuum of social and behavioral supports which increases the likelihood of behavioral and academic competence for each and every student.

Benefits of PBIS

The benefits for children and families include: Reduction in problem behavior, increased student engagement, improved academic performance and better family involvement. The staff benefits include: Improved consistency across faculty, better collaboration in support of individual students, improved classroom management, and more.

Participation Requirements

PBIS training is free and open to all Kentucky schools and is appropriate for all grade levels.  Successful implementation of the PBIS framework is typically a 3–5 year process that involves on-going training across a continuum of behavior support and/or revisions to a school’s PBIS action plan.  To learn more about implementing PBIS in your school or district, visit our Getting Started and Resources Pages.

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