PBIS Overview

This training is designed as an introduction to Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), but can also be used as a refresher. It can be used with a wide range of audiences. In this training, participants will learn about the critical elements of PBIS, the roles and responsibilities of the District and School Leadership Teams, and the importance of fidelity of implementation. Data about the impact of PBIS on student achievement, schoolwide discipline, and staff and student engagement will be presented.

District Team Training

This 3-6 hour session is for school districts that have made the commitment to implement PBIS in their district. A District Leadership Team will learn about and review the overall PBIS framework and will become knowledgeable of and determine the roles and responsibilities of the District PBIS Team. This team will also develop an initial District Action Plan to support schools’ implementations, as well as outcomes to be evaluated throughout district implementation.

Tier 1 Leadership Team Training

This training is intended for School Leadership Teams and will prepare them to implement the PBIS Framework in their school.  School Leadership Teams will meet on three different days, with Team Time embedded to work on PBIS implementation tasks.  Each day of training is six hours in duration.  For more information about initiating Tier I training, contact Steve Hutton at

Coaches Trainings

New and continuing School and District Coaches will be invited to participate in additional trainings and networking opportunities.  These trainings focus on the specific roles and responsibilities of the Coach to the success of the PBIS implementation. The Coach will be given tools to help be successful in his/her role, with an emphasis on data collection and annual evaluation of PBIS.

Administrators Orientation/Training

This half-day training is designed for School Administrators who are new to the PBIS team or who would like a review of PBIS.  The role of the administrator is vital to the success of any PBIS implementation.  This training will outline specific expectations for the School Administrator and will provide him/her with the tools to insure a successful implementation.

TFI (Tiered Fidelity Inventory)

In this training, school coaches/administrators and team members will be trained to complete the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI). The TFI is a survey which assesses the extent to which school personnel apply the core features of PBIS at all three tiers – either individually or collectively. Teams will use the TFI for a variety of purposes including: 1) an initial assessment to determine if they are using, or need, SWPBIS; 2) a guide for implementation of Tier I, Tier II, and/or Tier III practices; 3) an index of sustained SWPBIS implementation; and 4) a metric for identifying schools for recognition within their state implementation efforts.


Sustaining momentum is vital in any change effort. Because it takes longer for meaningful change to become practice, there must be clear strategies and supports available. This session is for school leadership teams, who desire to review their efforts at PBIS by analysis of their outcome and fidelity data and action plan and to develop a long-term Action Plan for the next school year.

Classroom Management Modules

This training is designed as a train-the-trainer session.  Typically, the school administrator and the school coach will attend this 3 hour session to learn about the modules that are available to assist with introducing the PBIS implementation into the classroom.  Participants will be provided the tools to train staff and to evaluate progress.  Many of these modules address areas monitored by PGES – particularly classroom environment.

BEP (Behavior Education Program)

The Behavior Education Program (BEP) is a proactive, research-based check-in/check-out intervention for students who fail to meet schoolwide behavior expectations but do not require the highest level of behavior support. The approach incorporates daily behavioral feedback, positive adult attention, and increased home-school collaboration. A 3-5 person team from each school should participate in this ½ day session.

Tier 2/3 (Advanced Tiers) Trainings

In this 2-3 day training series, participants will learn how to develop and implement a system of advanced behavior support that will address the needs of students for whom universal/Tier 1 behavioral strategies and support are not sufficient. Research suggests this may be 15-20% of the student population. On Day 1, participants will receive an overview of advanced tiers, will learn how Advanced Behavior Support Teams operate (composition, procedures, student screening, requests for assistance, etc.) and begin exploring group and individual interventions to address students’ social/emotional and behavioral needs. Schools should have maintained consistent fidelity at Tier 1 for at least one year prior to considering this training.

Special Topics

KYCID Staff are also trained to provide trainings on a variety of PBIS-related topics, including High Schools and PBIS, Trauma-informed Care in Schools, Youth Mental Health First Aid, and Integrating PBIS and School Mental Health (Interconnected Systems Framework). Contact an Area Coordinator for more information about these and other offerings.